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When Grandma started spending more time with her red-haired grandson, Bryce, all kinds of critters started coming around his bright red hair. For real! This book.
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This is the first thought that comes to mind when I sit down with actress Bryce Dallas Howard inside a New York City penthouse to discuss the sustainable lifestyle she is trying to lead as not only a wife and mother, but as a human being in general. Her pedigree might seem imposing — she fought the dinosaurs and won! I have a responsibility. I made a commitment. I love doing redheads in my classes because Redken is not only theblondeauthority but also the kicks ass with redheads.

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Although if it takes running through a jungle in heels to achieve glorious hair like hers, we might be fine sitting that one out. If you have opted in for our browser push notifications, and you would like to opt-out, please refer to the following instructions depending on your device and browser. For turning notifications on or off on Google Chrome and Android click here , for Firefox click here , for Safari click here and for Microsoft's Edge click here. She sat in his lap to play with his hair with her sticky fingers.

Tony made embarrassed noises to himself but sat very still. Tony heard Bryce head to the bathroom to run more water and spy on the neighbor kids out the window. Tony held his breath like he saw in movies and slowly rocked Maggie onto the floor on her side. She lay looking at him, docile as a basset hound puppy with too many skin folds.

Nothing, nothing. He edged away and pretended to examine a scurf of old skin on his bare foot. Why were you doing that? Get out, get out get out get out get out. She touched her belly button. After he missed he shoved Tony down the steps kittens with no eyes and slammed the screen door.

Tony sat in the cracked leather couch at home and watched the Discovery channel.

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  7. Something ate something else with a lot of blood and exposed ribs. Then a special on pollution came on and factory stacks cried and vomited great mounds of gray smoke and ashes and slick black birds were shown caught in plastic pop-can rings. Tony fell asleep on the couch without having Cheez Whiz with crackers and pepperoni for dinner like usual.

    It stopped raining. Maggie kicked her heels against the floor and later spilled her glass of juice. Maryl made her clean it up but she left a ring of stickiness behind. Bryce sat in his room.

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    Fag fucker , he wrote. They were the worst words he knew. Then he went downstairs for a match, avoiding Maryl, came back upstairs over the creaking steps and burned the paper crumple in the trash can. She came back in two long hours with scratches in her toenail polish and a big smile. And a big Winchester held stiff in front of her.

    Bryce with His Bright Red Hair

    Bobby got it for me. She woke Tony up, so he looked stupid when he opened the door. Stupid and alone in the big hot house with nothing to do and nowhere to be. Maggie was gone. Maryl made Bryce find her and bring her into the room.

    She put the gun in a bare corner and made them stare at it. So watch out. Tony was afraid to try. Maggie lost interest. The boys went outside with Kudos bars that were melting. Five kittens came tumbling around the side of the house. Tony felt cheated. The screen door slammed.

    The kittens started playing under the porch making mewls and swatting at flies. Tony wished for a big red popsicle, but it would melt too fast anyway. He heard some screaming and yelps from inside and someone getting hit. He got up slow and poked his head inside the door. Maggie was smacking the floor with her sticky fingers, and dirt and tears were sliding down her face. All her hair tousled by heat. The gun had slipped down the wall and lay flat like a sunning lizard. You have to stay and watch Maggie. So there. Zakowsky at school.

    Zakowsky was round and fat with a little nose and bright red dyed hair. Maryl was ignoring them now. She carried the gun into her room with her and came out ten minutes later wearing short cut-offs and her hair in a braid.

    She had hairs stuck to the sides of her face. Maggie played with spoons in the kitchen on the chipped tile floor. Bryce and Tony watched through the screen door when Bobby pulled up on his battered Honda motorbike. She smiled at him. Bobby waited with a bored look on his face until he could rev and slide out of the yard on the gravel drive. Bryce collected rocks to throw at the kittens.

    Tony went inside to look at the fridge. There was leftover chicken in the fridge covered by foil, cold and glistening like it was lying in a mausoleum. On a slab.

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    His stomach felt weird. Bryce found him in the bathroom a few minutes later lying in the coolest part of the house, the while porcelain tub. He was looking at the green stuff growing on the shower curtain. Hey, guess what? He sat on the toilet seat and pointed the gun at the mirror.

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    Course not.